I was born in Indiana.  I have a younger sister, and several older half siblings.

Growing up I was into sports, games, costumes, and a general book nerd. I really got into gaming as an adult.  My favorite games are usually Star Wars role playing games.

I’ve lived all over the country and was married once before.

I have an Associates in Applied Science for Computer Information Systems with a focus on Video Game Programming.

I also have a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology with an emphasis on Software Development.

My favorite thing about Ben is that he makes me laugh.  He is super thoughtful.  And handsome.  And smart.  Oh man, is he smart.

My favorite memory of us so far is our evening shared on a bench at Disneyland in January 2016.  We watched the “Paint the Night” show and after got to see/hear Elton John perform Circle of Life.