Want To Test Your Love? Sort Magic Cards.

Ben has an extensive Magic The Gathering (MTG) collection.  As in, it’s so extensive we are organizing, cataloging, and bulking it to a manageable size.  The cataloging is two fold.  The first part is to be able to deck build with the collection without creating random piles everywhere.  The second part is to have an inventory for insurance purposes.  Should anything happen to our home, we’ll be able to point to the collection information and hopefully recoup the losses.  It’s a large endeavor.

People always joke about putting together IKEA furniture as a test to a couple’s ability to work.  I disagree.  Sort hundreds of thousands of MTG cards in a space so small that one wrong move and your knocking everything over.  It took us weeks to work through the first color.  We also had a few “discussions” about helping.  We even had a disagreement about what set cards go into (thank you tcgplayer).

In the end, we finished green and both of us were practically giddy.  We’re talking about 23,000 cards when it was all said and done.  Just for the green cards.  The entire collection includes green cards, red cards, blue cards, black cards, white cards, artifacts, multi-colored/split cards, colorless cards, non-basic lands, and lands.  To give you perspective, all of the colors are about the same size.  We didn’t kill each other.  We both got to a happy place with the collection, and we moved on to the red cards.

Oh, and we didn’t end our relationship.  We were able to talk through all the issues we had and I think it brought us closer together because we are doing something we love together.

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